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Filter supply

Pyramid tea bag types

  • Biodegradable PLA – Nature-friendly PLA pyramid tea bags are made of 100% plant ingredient corn starch, so that it will decompose to the same type of soil within 30 days in appropriate circumstances.
  • Nylon – Inside can be seen well because of the highly transparent meshed material, grosseins.biz so that it is mainly used for petal tea bags.
  • Nonwoven fabric – Inside is hardly seen and ingredient powder doesn’t leak, so that it is appropriate for small powdered products such as ground coffee.

2. Filter types


Coffee filter roll


Biodegradable PLA


Nylon filter


Nonwoven fabric filter

Type Tag Usage Size Ingredients Types of tea Length of thread

*Biodegradable filter

*Nylon filter

*Nonwoven fabric filter

120 140 160 180

Biodegradable filter:17cm

Nylon filter:14cm/16cm

Nonwoven fabric filter:12cm

For mug

Green Tea

Herb Tea

Black Tea

Filling amount ~1g ~5g ~10g
For tea pot

Green Tea

Herb Tea

Black Tea

Barley Tea

Grain Tea

Filling amount ~1g ~5g ~10g
有/無 For water bottle
Filling amount ~5g ~10g ~20g

3. Tag Type

Tag Type Customized Tag (Manufactured by design) General Tag Tag size
Biodegradable filter 2.5cmx2.5cm
Nylon filter 2cmx2cm
Nonwoven fabric filter 2cmx2cm

4. Drip bag Coffee/Filter & Coffee filter type

High quality non-woven fabric filter can make you brew delicious coffee without coffee powder, since it resolved the issue of paper filters absorbing the flavor and taste of coffee.

Product Name coffee miracron X Coffee miracron Pumpkin smart Drip
TYPE cup in type cup on type
Product image
Size w70mmxH90mm w70mmxH90mm w80mmxH100mm w80mmxH90mm
Description 5000/Roll 4500/Roll 2700/Roll oll type X

5. Soup cooking bag

Filter paper material : polyethylene terephthalate (PET)(pet)

Product Image Type Product Size
Cooking bag (small) 100x70mm
Cooking bag (medium) 120x100mm
Cooking bag (big) 130x150mm