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Drip bag Coffee

  • Tea bag size : W70mm x H90mm
  • Filling amount : 5.0g ~ 9.0g
  • Sealing method : Heat seal / Ultrasonic seal
  • Drip bag individual package: Consecutive film
  • Individual exterior package wrapped with printed roll
  • Fast production speed by an automated system
  • Standardized size (100X120mm), 3 faces adhesion
  • Easily carriable and highly preservable of taste and flavor
  • Improved product preservation by nitrogen filling
  • Valid period and LOT numbers can be printed individually

Packages filled with nitrogen can keep coffee from oxidation.

  • Products: Drip bag
  • Packaging capacity: 50 CT/min
  • Daily manufacturing capacity: 100,000 CT
  • Tea bag size: 70~90mm
  • Filling amount: 5~10g
  • Measuring method: Measuring system
  • Packaging method: Ultrasound amputation and adhesion
  • # of machines: 3

Drip bag individual package

Paper case

Hand drip coffee & paper cup set

Poly bag package