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Pyramid tea bag


Biodegradable filter

Biodegradable filters are

“nature-friendly filter which are born from the nature and returns to nature”.

We face a serious worldwide environmental issues about exhausting natural resources and industrial waste management the due to 21 century’s mass production and mass consumption lifestyle.


YAMANAKA Company has been focusing on developing new products made of non-chemical materials. Finally, “SOILON”, an innovative nature-friendly material, has been developed. SOILON tea bags are made of corn starch and decomposable vegetable ingredients based on polyactic acid, so that they will completely decompose to the same form of soil within 30 days inside the soil in appropriate circumstances.


Our PLA filter (Biodegradable filter) used for pyramid tea bags are certified by USA FDA and Japanese Department of Health and Human Services, and it is manufactured exclusively by YAMANAKA company globaly.

Daic International is the exclusive supply company of YAMANAKA corporation in Korea.

Nylon filter

The inside can be seen well due to the highly transparent mesh fabric, so that it is mainly used for petal tea.

Non-woven fabric filter

Inside is hardly seen and the ingredient powder doesn’t leak, so that it is appropriate for tea bags for small powdered ingredients such as ground coffee.


Length of thread – 140mm ~ 170mm
TAG – SIZE 20X20mm / 25X25mm

ⓐ Customized tag sample

ⓐ Customized tag sample

ⓑ General tag

ⓑ General tag


1. Pyramid Tea Bag Facility

Herb tea, petal tea, medicinal herbal tea, etc. can be measured precisely by the electronic scale system.

Products made with all kinds of materials such as PLA filter, nylon, mesh filter, nonwoven fabric, etc. can be manufactured.

  • Products: pyramid and square tea bags
  • Packaging capacity: 50 CT/min
  • Daily production: 200,000 CT
  • Tea bag size: 50~80mm (Each side)
  • Filling amount: 0.5~20g
  • Measuring method: Precise measuring system

Individual pouch/Paper case/Zipper bag

Pyramid tea bag individual package

Paper case 1

Paper case 2

Zipper bag bulk package